Half Lives has arrived!

Found under the tree (presumably left by Santa),  a preview copy of Half Lives on Anna Logue Records, the long-awaited release of remastered material from 1982.  Official release is scheduled for February, 2012.

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5 Responses to Half Lives has arrived!

  1. areyoureceivingme says:

    Having heard the album, I can honestly say that it is a PERFECT synth album, and I really cannot wait to own a copy. 10 out of 10. Really it is utterly superb!

    • milk says:

      Thank you kindly, dear listener! I’m also very happy with the results after all these months, years, decades, centuries… and I thought they didn’t press quality vinyl like that anymore.

  2. Good day Mick, Any plans for a Mick Milk tour for 2012 or 2013.??
    Perhaps hitting the club scenes in Boston and NY

    • milk says:

      Hello Ziggy– I have no immediate plans but I think it’s possible for 2013, if the Mayans were wrong. I might go it alone like back in the day (except with computers instead of cassette decks) but I’ve never played the songs with live musicians so that prospect is appealing. They’d have to be top-notch popular artists in their own right however, so I could also ride their coat tails.

  3. How can one auditiojn for The Mick Milk Live band??
    I am a talanted musician who can play drums and bass.
    I would perfer the drums.. Lets Rock!!!!