Half Life iPhone Ringtone

Hello iPhone Users,

The yule log has long sputtered out, the tree so lovingly trimmed is ground to mulch and if two new year celebrations later all you still feel is “meh,” the only remedy I can offer is this: Pick up your dang device, download my “Half Life” ringtone from the Apple Store and start half-living again!

This is the personal ringtone you should have rung in the new year with, except had you done that, you wouldn’t now be able to look forward to hearing that zippy riff each time your phone rang at inopportune times. That alone might be enough to prolong your seasonal affective disorder deep into Spring — and that’s just depressing.

So be the first one in your hotspot to own the “Half Life” ringtone and let everyone overhear your fine taste in music, wherever you go!

How to get the ringtone:
On your iPhone, select: Settings > Sounds > Ringtone > Buy More Tones
Select Search and enter “Half Life”, then scroll down to Ringtones and tap to preview.

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