Unreleased Tracks

Songs recorded in New York City between 1982-1983
All songs © Mick Milk

Petting Zoo


Raising The Hesperus

Binary Code

Next Big Thing

Colophon: Korg MS-20; Korg MS-10; Casiotone 202; Boss DR-55; Roland TR-606; Tascam 244; Teac 124; Pioneer RT-707; Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man, Instant Replay; Lab Series L5; Fender Lead II; Shure SM58

9 Responses to Unreleased Tracks

  1. Always a great pleasure to hear more songs from the milk man – Robots For Jesus and Binary Code are just amazing – thanks for sharing the work of this clandestine genius…

  2. Kristallo says:

    Wow, that could be a really nice LP in my opinion !

  3. Jay-ster C. says:

    I was in an independent film called The “Petting Zoo” shot back in 2000. Little did I know you had a sound track in waiting. J :)

  4. TymexPyres says:

    Glad to hear some more of who this man is, and especially more music. I’ve been trying to put a bug in the ear of minimal-wave label to talk to him about a re-issue.

    • milk says:

      Salutations, TymexPyres, I appreciate your efforts on my behalf. I do have more tracks to post soon and am also remastering for a release. By whom is yet TBD…

  5. Liam says:

    Will this release by vinyl only, or on CD, too? Or is it too early to call any details?

    • milk says:

      As for the details of a release, it might be too early to call. I’m no vinyl purist but if a label wants to issue vinyl, I’m definitely ok with that. I still own several turntables and many old LPs.

  6. Steve L says:

    Hi Mick. Honoured to be designing your album sleeve. Working on it as I speak. Will create something you really love, and won’t stop until then! I love the genre, live for it in fact, so this is not work for me, but pleasure!

    • milk says:

      Thank you, Steve! I know I will be pleased. Long live the LP! I still have my mind set on a pop-up diorama in the gatefold but I’m not sure what the subject should be…